Partners & Opportunities


Cogdel USA aims to seek and invest in U.S. education resources such as merger and acquisition, equity ownership, charter schools, and other forms of collaboration. We strive to find and share the best educational resources and move international education to a new level. 


Cogdel USA collaborates with organizations in the U.S. to bring the best resources to Chinese education. Such partnership includes American Councils for International Education, Dean College, Kaplan USA, American TESOL Institute and prestigious American high schools. These partnerships grant Chinese schools access to the best educational resources in the U.S. 


Cogdel USA collaborates with 35 colleges and universities in China and have more than 6,000 students enrolled in our academic programs. Cogdel USA expands cooperation with U.S. colleges for purposes such as credit transfer, joint education programs, developing education facilities for mutual development, and government-funded education programs.