Conditions for cooperation


1.Accept Cogdel’s school running concepts

The purpose of Cogdel’s education is to enable students to be competent to face future world and learn the quintessence of both Chinese education and western education under the trend of globalization in the 21st century. It aims to cultivate world citizens with Chinese feelings and international views. It expects to build futures in International Education.


2.Accept the education mode of integrated-style international curriculum

Partners must accept integrated teaching concepts and teach students based on an education mode of integrated-style international curriculum


3. Hardware and software support

1)Partners must be schools with excellent conditions, standardized management, high education quality, and good local reputation;

2)Partners must have qualified teachers, a perfect organization structure, and experienced managers;

3)Partners must have necessary teaching sites, books, teaching instruments and equipment, and living facilities;

4)Partners must have necessary initial funds and a stable source of funds and be able to input enough funds and efforts for operation and management.