On Feb 10th, Cogdel Education Principal Training Commencement was successfully held in Los Angeles
Cogdel management team visited TianLi Education Group today. Both organizations had an in-depth discussion and reached a preliminary consensus in cooperation.
Cogdel Group 20 Year Anniversary Celebration Hosted in Chengdu China
Mr. Wang had a productive meeting with the newly appointed Consul, Head of Education Office, Mr. Taiqin Zhang, and Ms. Haiying Chai, Consul for Education on Oct.18th.
Cogdel USA opens U.S. branch in Arcadia near Los Angeles, CA to better serve its student's needs and support its mission of integrating Chinese secondary education with U.S. secondary education.
Codgel New Jersey office joined New Jersey Chamber of Commerce in September.
The Cogdel Group President Wang Shu paid a visit to Dean College, Franklin Massachusetts, in late August. Wang Shu and Dr. Paula Rooney, president of Dean College, signed a partnership agreement.
Cogdel Group has formally established partnership with Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education & Psychology (GSEP) on August 30, 2017. Pepperdine is expected to offer teacher training programs for Cogdel.