Cogdel USA West office was honored to host some Chinese university delegates at its Office on July 17-July 18 2019. Dr. Hsu also led delegates to visit Chinese Consulate office in Los Angeles and the Business school of California State University Northridge.
The "Bush Leadership" training camp organized by The George and Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders was held at the International Department of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province from July 8 to July-12,2019.
President Wang Shu met with two student representatives of Cogdel Alumni. The two students are currently studying in Northeastern University. They had dinner together and talked about life in the U.S. and career paths.
Cogdel and CERNET leaders met in Boston to lay out program outlines that will be jointly held by both organizations to enhance international education for high school students and bridge programs for college.
Former U.S. President George Bush wrote a letter to Mr. Wang Shu, Cogdel founder, to congratulate him on the partnership between Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders (BCSL) and Cogdel.
Cogdel and CERNET signed an MOU in Beijing to endorse strategic cooperation to establish Pathway Programs, academic research, teacher training and other programs on Sino-U.S. education.
As the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival draws near, Cogdel USA representative visited Cogdel Alumni who are studying in U.S. colleges. Chinese moon-cakes were delivered, wishing all students a happy holiday.
The International Student Leadership Program (ISLP) is a leadership development program hosted by the George & Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders (BCSL). ISLP program made it debut in Cogdel schools in Chengdu, Wuhan and Suzhou this summer.
春回大地,万象更新。4月18日,康德教育与美国格兰纳达山特许高中 (Granada Hills Charter High School,以下简称GHC) 正式签订中美合作伙伴关系协议,GHC校长Brian Bauer先生和康德教育集团总裁王舒先生分别代表双方签订了合作协议。Cogdel president, Mr. Shu Wang, signed an agreement with Granada Hills Charter High School (GHC), on April 18, 2018, at the school’s conference room. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Brian Bauer, executive director of the school, and Dr. Jason Li, International Education Advisor.