Domestic Training

American TESOL Children’s Certificate Intensive  6-Day Course

D1 Focusing on the learner and the classroom environment

D2 Listening and speaking: learning aloud

D3 Reading and Writing in the classroom

D4 Prepare a plan to learn

D5 Tricks and tools of the trade

D6 Teaching Demonstration, exam and thesis


American TESOL Advanced Certificate Intensive 11-Day Course

D1 Field of TESOL and teaching listening

D2 Teaching speaking and pronunication

D3 Teaching reading and writing

D4 Teaching grammar and vocabulary

D5 Lesson planning and material development

D6 Assessment and evaluation 

D7 Psycholinguistics and second language acquisition

D8 Sociolinguistics technology and classroom management

D9 English for special purpose and syllabus design

D10 Language learning strategies and select TESOL topics

D11 Teaching demonstration, exam and theis


ESL Pedegogy Training Intensive 19-hour course

Teaching Vocabulary in the Classroom: 4-hour

Writers’ Workshop/Teaching Writing: 3-hour

How to Teach Reading: 4-hour

Teaching Pronunciation and Speaking in the Classroom: 3-hour

Teaching Students HOW to Listen: 2-hour

Teaching Grammar Lessons That Engage: 3-hour


Teaching Pedegogy Training Intensive 18-hour course

Classroom managment: 2-hour

Marzano's 9 High-yiled strategies: 4-hour

Bloom's Taxonomy: 2-hour

Questioning Techniques: 2-hour

Objectives and Plenary: 2-hour

Lesson Structure: 4-hour

Using Graphic Organizers: 2-hour