Cogdel President Wang Shu Greeted Cogdel Alumni in Downtown Boston

Monday, November 19, 2018

Mid November is perfect timing between the commencement of a new academic year and before the holiday season kicks off, and downtown Boston is a perfect place for reunion and recharge.

On behalf of Cogdel headquarters and Cogdel USA, President Wang Shu greeted student representatives who receive Cogdel Student Services. Mr. Wang invited both representatives to dinner at a cozy boutique oriental restaurant downtown Boston. Mr. Wang inquired about their lives at Northeastern University, their major areas of study and about how well they have adjusted their lives in the U.S. He also introduced more details and future plans on the Student Services Cogdel plans to offer.

Along with Mr. Wang, Professor Jin Xu, Chemistry professor from University of Massachusetts Lowell was invited to attend the event. Professor Xu enlightened the students with potential career options ahead of them in biotechnology, biopharmaceutical development; biochemical, biophysical, and mass spectrometry fields. He further guided the students one-on-one in their career development. 


Student Services “U.S. Homeroom teacher” Ms. Wang Hong was also present in the event. Ms. Wang has been the most popular mentor and care giver to Students Services. She specifically advised students how to protect their safety, their identity and their properties in the U.S. Experiences were shared with students on how to handle certain cases if they arise. 

In addtion, Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Ms.Wang also visited Cogdel Alumni TianYi Zhang who is study in Juniata College, the U.S., and brought moncakes, traditional Chinese dishes as well as school supplies to her. 

The event was filled with cozy atmosphere, authentic hometown food and casual conversations. Mr. Wang suggested a toast and wish both student representatives as well all Cogdel alumni a successful academic year in the U.S. The memorable evening went by under relaxed spirit and rejuvenated energy among each attendee. Students went back with a satisfying appetite, valuable advice on their academic and career planning directions plus a big smile in their face. 

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