Cogdel Alumni Association

Cogdel USA Alumni Association is available for Cogdel alumni studying in the US. Cogdel USA Alumni Associate creates a platform for Cogdel students to network, share experiences, seek career counseling, etc. Our mission is to assist Cogdel alumni with a foundation in education and development of a successful career. 



Services Offered


1. Before college: Seminar to each Cogdel IHS on settling in a U.S. college, May every year. Q&A file on       website.


2. Intern and Job Opportunities – Public WeChat ID.


3. Career Readiness and Coaching -- Online seminar twice a year on resume building and interview tips.


4. Annual onsite networking night --One on East Coast, one on West Coast. Details TBD.


5. Emergency Service -- Traffic accidents, lost of credit card/documents, insurance, legal issues.






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