About Cogdel USA


Founded in 1997, The Cogdel Group has been providing international high school education and services in China for two decades. It is one of the leading companies in international education in China that has sent thousands of students to pursue their dreams in U.S. colleges.

Cogdel USA was established in 2015. As a board member of the China Education Association on International Exchange (CEAIE), an association under the Chinese Ministry of Education, Cogdel USA carries the mission of integrating Chinese secondary education with U.S. secondary education to better serve international education in China. It also carries the responsibility of training Chinese teachers to be effective instructors by U.S. school standards. Additionally, Cogdel USA provides student exchange opportunities for Chinese and American students.

Cogdel USA is proud to assist Cogdel Academy to serve as an academic research center to develop high school curriculum that tailors the best of American education to better serve Chinas secondary education in its international education reform.

Cogdel USA does this by training its teachers and educators with American education curricula, pedagogical skills, and understanding of how to make the most of Chinese studentslearning styles. We assist Chinese students who wish to have an opportunity to study in top ranking U.S. universities.  We also utilize our rich resources of U.S. middle schools and high schools and find best fitting schools and programs for Chinese students to come and experience education in the U.S. before they start their college life in the U.S. Cogdel USA also works closely with Cogdel headquarters to create mobile classroom programs in the U.S. so our students have the opportunities to experience the taste of the real high school life in America. 

Cogdel USA aims to seek and invest in U.S. education resources such as merger and acquisition, equity ownership, charter schools, and other forms of collaboration. We strive to find and share the best educational resources and move international education to a new level.

Cogdel USA collaborates with organizations in the U.S. to bring the best resources to Chinese education. Such partnership includes American Councils for International Education, Dean College, Kaplan USA, American TESOL Institute and prestigious American high schools. These partnerships grant Chinese schools access to the best educational resources in the U.S.

Cogdel USA collaborates with 35 colleges and universities in China and have more than 6,000 students enrolled in our academic programs. Cogdel USA expands cooperation with U.S. colleges for purposes such as credit transfer, joint education programs, developing education facilities for mutual development, and government-funded education programs. 

Cogdel USA Alumni Association is available for Cogdel alumni studying in the US. Cogdel USA Alumni Associate creates a platform for Cogdel students to networking, share experiences, seek career counseling, and more.